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3D printed action figure heads
Over 600 3D printed custom action figure heads of wrestlers!
In scales from Hasbro, Mattel, Jakks, Superstar WWE to LJN and 1:6 scale


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 25% off on 3D printed 

Buy painted heads!
DM Dea Paints or me to commission her for buying painted heads from my store!
Check out her work on her 
You can DM her there.

3D printed action figure accessories

Hats, caps, glasses and more! 3D printed accessories for action figures. 3D printed in high quality flexy-tough resin. 

3D printed caricatures

Stylized, unique caricatures, works of art available in various scales! Displayed prices are for minimal scale 1:30 (2.36"). Choose a scale before adding to cart.
All work digitally sculpted by Tom Veg.  

Digital 3D printable files


I am The Great Tom Veg

I am Tom Veg, the owner of Veg3D. I am digital portrait sculptor, 3D character artist and animator from Croatia. 
Here you can find 3D printed action figure heads and digital files
for customizing of best likeness and quality. You can commission me to sculpt for you or your business. 

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